NeoCon 2019
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Imagine a place in Suite 1132 and at our pop-up space in Suite 11-127.
Find your place of peace with Lasata
Lasata patient recliner positively supports the critical relationship between patient and caregivers, helping them navigate the best possible path toward wellness and a better life.
Public spaces
Public spaces
Public spaces are often times the most utilized spaces in healthcare facilities and play a vital role in the overall patient experience.
Patient spaces
Patient spaces
Creating spaces that positively support the relationships between patients and caregivers, helping navigate the best possible path towards wellness.
Caregiver spaces
Caregiver spaces
Through observing how caregivers perform their daily tasks, we’ve built a portfolio of product solutions that span the entire system of care.
Healing Spaces Lookbook
Be inspired with our Healing Spaces Lookbook
Yosemite Cliffs
Imagine a Place
Imagine a Place is a journal exploring the powerful role that place plays in our lives by gathering and sharing authentic voices, insightful perspectives, and visuals of places designed to inspire, support, and connect people.