The Workplace Garden™
Today, we have access to an overwhelming amount of information on how we should work—more than ever before. Simply knowing who to listen to and how to actually apply this knowledge can be a challenge. At OFS, we believe in a simple, but effective approach: understanding and supporting your people.

You don’t need to be an ethnographer to notice how people work. Employees might not be able to accurately describe what they want from a workspace, but watching their behavior will always reveal what really matters to them. When a design follows and supports these behaviors, it creates a workplace that feels as personal and natural as a garden, helping employees thrive.
Choice empowers people to work better
Everyone has their own ways of working, which can change over the course of a project, a day, or even an hour. Extended periods of sedentary working in the same spot, whether standing or sitting, can be detrimental to mental and physical health. Cultivating wellness begins with empowering employees to choose their posture, to find the right noise and light conditions, and to collaborate with others or focus on their own.
Why a sense of home matters
At heart, everyone needs to feel secure, comfortable, and valued. When a workplace has a sense of home, with well-designed in-between spaces and settings that restore people’s energy, it brings a balance to offices that supports mental and physical wellness. People can be an organization’s greatest asset, and even small changes to the way they work can move the bottom line and create a culture of wellbeing.