Our Story
Creating a legacy of healing
For over 70 years, Carolina has designed and manufactured quality furniture for customers around the globe. As the world of healthcare constantly changes, we’re evolving our products and expanding our knowledge to meet the needs of tomorrow’s challenge, as well as today’s.
Focusing on the entire continuum of care
We developed our portfolio of products to meet the needs of a full-facility design, supporting the healing process for caregivers, patients, and guests. Due to our unique connection to OFS, we can also draw from their full offering of products designed for administrative working spaces.
Thinking about the emotional experience of those healing.
Healthcare spaces ought to convey comfort, wellness, security, and a sense of home. Helping people get better begins with helping them feel better, and the design of healthcare environments can play a vital role in recovery.

Supporting the people helping others heal.
Well-designed environments can also provide caregivers with a sense of pride in their work, increase their efficiency and effectiveness, minimize the risk of contamination, and cultivate their own wellness, as well as their patients’.