Lead times

OFS lead times are factored on a delivery week of date, not a ship week of date. All lead times are based on current manufacturing capacity and materials availability, and must be confirmed upon order submission to OFS. Project size or large quantity orders of specific model numbers may be subject to extended lead times beyond what is currently stated. All lead times are assigned under the assumption of standard product, materials, finishes, and textile selections. Availability of specific textiles may result in an extended lead time based on availability from our suppliers. Please contact Customer Service for confirmation of lead time applicability to your order details.

* = Extended

Product family lead times


Surface material lead times

  • Quartz
    8 weeks
  • Drift TFL
    8 weeks

Miscellaneous lead times

  • QuickShip
    Delivered in 12 days or less or 14 days or less to WA and OR
  • FSC orders
    20 weeks or based off material availability
  • Customs
    12 weeks unless quote states longer
  • Canadian orders
    Subject to possible extended lead-times, refer to acknowledgement
  • Replacements
    3 weeks or longer based off lead-time of materials
  • Specials
    Series lead-time + 2 weeks or more