Generations of craft
While furniture has been our specialty for over 80 years, we draw our expertise from a much longer tradition of quality craftsmanship and fine woodworking. Some of our great, great-grandparents made wagons, some of our great-grandparents manufactured venetian blinds and basketball scoreboards, but furniture has stuck with us because it becomes an intimate part of people’s lives in a way other products can’t. It’s a presence that deserves intentional craft.
A timeless material
For many years, most people knew OFS primarily for wood casegoods and excellence in carpentry. While our portfolio has grown and we’ve added new materials to our designs and production process, wood remains a hallmark of our design heritage. The patterns of grain and color unique to every tree bring an organic warmth and one-of-a-kind beauty.
Written in big letters on one of our factory walls, the word “always” serves as a simple reminder of the fact that every detail of our work matters. Craftsmanship starts with taking the time to do it right. Whether it’s a button or a drawer or the direction of wood grain on a desk, we always pay attention, and we’ll fix or replace anything that doesn’t cut it. We believe that craft and design cannot be separated, because a great product only results from excellence in both.