Caregiver spaces
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A white paper exploring how to best support our caregivers.

It is no secret that the pandemic has caused its own epidemic of stress and mental health challenges for many people.

It is fair to say that no one group has been harder hit by work stress than healthcare workers. This is a huge population of workers, 22 million total, accounting for 14% of the US workforce, of which 3 million are nurses in the US.

Caregiver Spaces

White Paper: supporting the people that help others heal
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"Healthcare worker burnout has reached crisis proportions and spaces designed to better support staff can play a key role in combating stress"
- Stan Gray, VP of Healthcare, OFS & Carolina

Re-imagining caregiver spaces

The design of caregiver spaces can play an important role in moderating stress, thus reducing burnout, work errors and turnover in healthcare workers. The design of healthcare spaces can be used to help bolster the social support between staff members, help them focus when needed and emotionally restore themselves, thus increasing staff resilience to stressful situations.

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White paper
Caregiver spaces: Supporting the people that help others heal.
by Dr. Mike O'Neill, 2022
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