Step into NeoCon 2024
Step into our showroom and embark on a journey of growth. Surrounded by lush greenery evoking our theme "Grow Together," experience firsthand the evolution of our company.
Design that shapes to your space
Tailor the shape and size of the Elara modular to fit your space perfectly. Design endless configurations, such as serpentine, racetrack, and island layouts.
Piedmont Athens
Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center
Explore how a healthcare renovation project in Athens, Georgia is transforming patient care and community engagement.
Product spotlight
Drawing inspiration from the mystical stone circles of Ballynoé, Ireland, the Noé collection of benches offers a versatile and playful way to support a building's interior architecture.

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Baptist Health Complex Pensacola
Our new showroom
Explore our new Carolina showroom in Huntingburg, IN
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All New Materials
Powerful expressions of performance and design sensibilities.

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imagine a place®
After a year like 2020, Issue 4 of Imagine a Place embraces the hard conversations, highlights important voices in the design industry, and continues to explore the important role of education in the future of design.

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