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Design Your World Children's Book by Imagine a Place
Design Your World
From Imagine a Place Productions, a children's book to inspire the next generation to discover design with equity and diversity in mind.
Sara Marberry roundtable
Healthcare Roundtable with Sara Marberry
Product spotlight
Access to nature soothes and calms us, a healing support to any healthcare space. With outdoor spaces taking a more prominent role in healthcare facilities, we designed Insideout to provide patients and caregivers with a connection to outdoor areas. Whether offering a place for a guest to accompany patients or providing an outdoor space of respite, this solution supports healing spaces—inside and out.

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The Pavilion at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital
Caregiver spaces
White Paper: Supporting the people that help others heal
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Powerful expressions of performance and design sensibilities.

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imagine a place®
After a year like 2020, Issue 4 of Imagine a Place embraces the hard conversations, highlights important voices in the design industry, and continues to explore the important role of education in the future of design.

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