Living Wall Planter Planters - QuickShip series by OFS

Eco-friendly technology and biophilic design collide to create a flexible living wall that is a simple, pre-built system for live plants in the workplace. Providing many health, wellness, and climate benefits, living walls create cooler microclimates, decrease the ambient temperature, improve local air quality, reduce CO2 and noise levels, and contribute to urban biodiversity. Here at OFS, we believe that by incorporating biophilia into office design, we can create greener and more sustainable workplaces, sparking creativity and connectivity.

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Delivered in 12 days or less or 14 days or less to WA and OR
Lead times are determined by delivery date unless specified otherwise. Confirmation is needed upon order submission, large orders might extend lead times. All lead times are assigned under the assumption of standard product, materials, finishes, and textile selections.

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What it looks like

Staks, Roo, Rowen, Living Wall Planter, ...


Metal finish
Metal finish
Metal finish

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