Flexible spaces for flexible learning
Learning is no longer linear—it’s about making connections, not just memorizing facts. Whether students are interacting with people, information, or experiences, the places they learn should support those connections. Furniture can let the space follow the learning, not the other way around.
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Connecting in the spaces inbetween
More and more students are drawn to spaces designed around them—spaces that allow them to interact, focus, and learn alongside each other. Informal social spaces between office and instruction spaces become hotspots of activity and curiosity. Spaces that encourage learning outside of class allow students to collaborate, build relationships, and feel part of a community.
Using administrative space to empower instructors
The right place for focus and preparation can help instructors do so much more. Similarly, when faculty pair personal offices with collaborative hubs, casual interactions and meaningful relationships can help instructors connect with students and create a better environment for learning.
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