Key insights for Senior Living design

Key insights for Senior Living design

A recap from Crafted for Living

Crafted for Living event

Today's Senior living communities look very different than they did even just 10 years ago. We recently partnered with Mannington Commercial to host their first ever “Crafted for Living” event, a curated space for key architects, designers, and industry experts in Senior Living design to gather, connect, and swap notes on current trends and innovation that will shape senior living communities today and into the future. Here are three important takeaways from our time together:

Focus on experience over aesthetics

In the past, many senior living communities had an institutional, clinical feel. Now, hospitality design principles are influencing these spaces, with an emphasis on comfort, engagement, and experience. As one designer said, “It’s not just about the furniture selections, the lighting selections. It’s a mindset, it’s an ethos.” Warm, welcoming interiors and amenities like salons, theaters, and fitness centers tailored for seniors make residents feel at home.

Accessible, quality design matters

Accessibility and attention to ergonomics are critical in furniture and interior design for senior living. Subtle details like shallower seat depths, higher seats and grab bars integrated seamlessly make a difference. Designers encouraged manufacturers to provide more detailed product specs like seat heights online to simplify the selection process for senior living environments. Likewise, choosing details like high-quality, durable finishes may cost more upfront but enhance living spaces for years to come. 

Senior Living design

Intergenerational interaction

Many communities are moving away from isolated senior compounds. Integrating surrounding neighborhoods via amenities like public restaurants or parks fosters intergenerational connections. Engaging visiting families, opening up to the public, and collaborating with schools or local artists brings new life and energy to the residents within. Seniors offer incredible wisdom and insight, while younger generations offer youthful energy and vibrancy. Discovering ways to integrate generations offers value to the community as a whole. Outdoor spaces and amenities tailored to seniors while attracting all ages facilitate this interaction. 

Ultimately, the insights from our discussion made it clear that the senior living communities that thrive moving forward will focus on experience, quality design, and connections.

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