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Elara, meaning moon in Greek, earned its name from the enveloping curves and wide frame of this dynamic seating solution. Crafted as the perfect lounge solution for behavioral health, healthcare, senior living, and workplace, Thijs Smeets designed the product to offer comfort, durability, and cleanability. Now, Elara modular lounge expands the collection with even more possibilities to define space with new shapes, tables, and power options. Choose from a variety of base and material options to shape Elara to match your unique needs and design vision.
Design that shapes to your space
Elara offers a seating solution designed for areas needing both flexibility and style.
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Discover the various options within Elara lounge, including lounge chairs, loveseats, and sofas. Choose from features such as glides, plinth bases, and swivel bases to best fit your needs.
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Modular lounge

Tailor the shape and size of the Elara modular to fit your space perfectly. Design endless configurations, such as serpentine, racetrack, and island layouts.
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Meet the designer

Thijs Smeets

Designed by Thijs Smeets, Elara was originally conceived as the perfect solution for behavioral health, senior living, workplace, and healthcare environments. Inspired by the curvature of the moon, Smeets focused on creating a design that offers comfort, durability, and cleanability. Initially introduced as a freestanding lounge, Elara has since evolved to include a variety of base options and modular seating configurations, allowing it to adapt to any space.

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