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Common Ground

As part of the OFS family, our company has thrived by partnering with talented and passionate people—individuals and groups who inspire innovation, celebrate achievement, and strengthen our communities. We believe that sustainability doesn’t end with just reducing our carbon footprint, it spans the way we work with our customers, our colleagues and the communities we serve.
2020 Sustainability Report

Our customers

We strive to make every customer feel like our only customer through quality craftsmanship, environmentally conscious design, and the smart use of natural resources in production and delivery.

Our colleagues

We value the potential of each and every person in our organization by creating a safe environment and culture, investing in health and wellness, and offering opportunities for growth, like continuing education.

Our community

We seek out opportunities, both as a company and individuals, to volunteer and give back, to partner with suppliers that share our values, and to invest in the economic growth of the communities we live and work in.