Reservoir wins Nightingale Silver Award

Reservoir wins Nightingale Silver Award

by Lauren Morgan

Carolina wins Nightingale Silver Award 2019

New Orleans, LA. November 4, 2019 - Carolina’s Reservoir over-bed table designed by Achella Designs won the Silver Nightingale Award for the Furniture Collections category at Healthcare Design Expo + Conference 2019. A panel of judges selected the winners for the Nightingale Awards based on the product's contribution to the healing environment, functionality, quality, durability, aesthetics, style, pricing, and innovation. 

True to its name – Reservoir offers storage and convenience that provides patients and caregivers support. The main objective was for the Reservoir over-bed table to support quality care delivery and consultative moments between caregiver, patients and their families. These moments for knowledge sharing allow positive connections and faster recoveries.

“With the healthcare industry continuing to experience rapid growth, we wanted to provide patients and caregivers with a product that supports healing, through both infection control and providing a sense of comfort by supporting their natural activities.” – Chris Panichella, Achella Designs

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