Inspired by the need for escape in open places: OFS presents LeanTo

Inspired by the need for escape in open places: OFS presents LeanTo

by Aaron Estabrook

LeanTo invites people to “seek shelter from the norm”

HUNTINGBURG, IN, April 17, 2019 — OFS introduces LeanTo, an architectural lounge solution created to provide privacy destinations within interiors, especially in open plan settings. In the modern office and searching for more collaboration and productivity, openness has become standard; however, noise, distractions and the sense of less privacy can detract from the potential benefits.

OFS and Webb Associates created LeanTo to provide an escape from the distraction or to not be the distraction itself. Every building has those spaces that people are drawn to. Some spaces are intentionally created through architecture, while others are more natural based on flow and activity (or the lack of it). Nooks, alcoves, and corridors present an opportunity for rest, focus, connection, or discovery and that's exactly what LeanTo is designed to achieve. Outfitted to feel like it was built into your space, LeanTo solves the need to take back our own attention or give full attention to others. 

“It’s a sense of it being private, it’s a sense of it being quiet, it’s a sense of it being yours. And I think that means that anyone integrating Leanto and within the office is telling their employees how valuable they are. You are providing them a choice that supports them. It’s important that those places exist within offices and I think LeanTo is a signal that employees are valuable,” explains Roger Webb, Webb Associates.

LeanTo isn’t reserved only for office settings. Its application is based on human needs, so it’s similarly important to have options for people to escape to when needed in healthcare, education and public spaces. The inspiration for LeanTo came through observation in solving needs for people whilst subtly or boldly contributing to interior architecture and design.

About Webb Associates

Webb Associates LeanTo was designed by Webb Associates in collaboration with the OFS in-house design team. Founded by Roger Webb in 1989 in London, Webb Associates provides design consultancy to meet the needs of a changing culture of work and living environments. Today, Roger Webb still leads the firm and is accompanied by fellow designers David Lancaster and Tony DaCosta. Known for their ergonomic expertise and carefully tailored design solutions, Webb Associates has helped produced some of our favorite product lines, such as Heya by OFS and Hug by Carolina.

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