Carolina NeoCon 2023

Harnessing the Transformative Power of Healthcare Design: Carolina Unveils Award-Winning Products at NeoCon 2023

by Aaron Estabrook

Welcome to NeoCon 2023, where you can explore the transformative power of healthcare design, as Carolina seeks to create welcoming and comforting environments for caregivers, patients and their families.

Caroliona’s product development teams and designers have worked to create spaces and products that demonstrate our commitment to patient care, caregiver experiences, and patient first impressions, unveiling three new products at NeoCon 2023 – Blueprint, Elara, and the Stray Caregiver Support Station.

The Blueprint seating solution seamlessly fuses beauty, durability, ergonomic design, and functionality. As a versatile seating collection, it offers practical applications as a guest, dining chair, counter stool, or bar stool. Its sleek, rounded curves and optional leather handle are particularly suited to Senior Living communities, but can go across any market.

Elara, a dynamic lounge piece named after the Greek word for 'moon,' boasts an enveloping design for comfort and durability. Designed by Thijs Smeets, it's ideal for diverse settings, including behavioral health, senior living, workplaces, and broader healthcare environments. With its cleanability and wide range of base and material options, Elara presents a customizable solution that aligns with your specific needs and design vision.

Finally, the Stray Caregiver Support Station is a revolutionary tool designed to aid and empower caregivers. Focused on facilitating efficiency in delivering care, this movable station ensures caregivers can focus more on building stronger relationships with their patients, enhancing the overall care experience.

"I'm proud and excited to introduce these latest products and our NeoCon spaces, which prioritize Patient First Impressions, Caregiver Satisfaction, and Positive Patient Outcomes,” said Stan Gray, VP of Healthcare. “Our products and designed spaces showcase our commitment to enhancing patient care and caregiver experiences," he said.

Understanding that a patient's first impression significantly influences their trust and confidence, Carolina has dedicated significant resources to create spaces and furniture pieces that convey forward-thinking design and state-of-the-art care.

"Clinicians' satisfaction is critical to a health system’s employee retention and overall patient experience," Gray adds. "Products like our new Stray Caregiver Support Station provide ergonomic and efficient solutions for caregivers, enabling them to deliver the best care possible."

He further highlighted that patient outcomes are the ultimate goal of any healthcare facility. "Our team has created spaces that support patient needs and expectations, from comfortable seating to privacy considerations. We believe that implementing our ideas, healthcare designers will be inspired to create spaces that prioritize patients, caregivers, and staff," he said.

Visit Carolina's NeoCon showroom to explore these innovative solutions and learn more about their vision for the future of healthcare furniture.

A highlight for Carolina was the success of the Elara Lounge, receiving four total awards which included two Golds in the "Best of NeoCon" competition. Important to note that Elara won Gold in the "Sofas and Lounge" category, which crosses all vertical markets. Blueprint took home a Silver in the “Best of NeoCon’ competition in the Healthcare Guest and Lounge category.

Experience the Carolina Chicago showroom

Carolina Awards from NeoCon 2023

Metropolis Likes: Elara Lounge

HiP Award: Health and Wellness Seating: Elara Lounge

Best of NeoCon (Gold): Healthcare Guest and Lounge: Elara Lounge

Best of NeoCon (Gold): Furniture, Sofas and Lounge: Elara Lounge

Best of NeoCon (Silver): Healthcare Guest and Lounge: Blueprint

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For over 75 years, Carolina has designed and manufactured quality furniture for customers around the globe. Founded in 1947, Carolina has constantly evolved their products and expanded their knowledge to meet the needs of tomorrow’s challenges, as well as today’s. Carolina is based in High Point, NC and was acquired by OFS Brands in 2007. Due to the unique connection to OFS, Carolina can also draw from their full offering of products designed for administrative working spaces.

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