Carolina takes home 3 Nightingale awards at HCD 2023

Carolina takes home 3 Nightingale awards at HCD 2023

by Lydia Moya

The Healthcare Design Conference & Expo 2023 opened with success for Carolina with three Nightingale Awards  — Chrys guest + dining for a Nightingale Innovation Award, Sorta Caregiver Support Station for a Silver Nightingale Award in the Furniture: Caregiver Support category, and Chrys lounge for a Nightingale Innovation award. This year, Carolina acted as presenting sponsor for the 6th year in a row, this year focusing on developing new solutions for behavioral health environments.

Presented by Healthcare Design Magazine in partnership with The Center for Health Design, the Nightingale Awards honor new products exhibited at the conference for their contribution to the healthcare built environment. The awards, named after Florence Nightingale, recognize products across 18 categories that are judged for their contribution or solution for clinical or operational outcomes; aesthetics and innovation; built environment solution, durability, functionality, and quality; industry certifications and standards; and environmental sustainability.

Designed by Thijs Smeets, Chrys guest + dining was inspired by the symbolism of a chrysalis, embodying a journey of transformation and personal growth within healthcare environments. Designed to meet the stringent demands of healthcare spaces, Chrys lounge and dining offers a unique fusion of comfort, durability, and safety. With a soothing color palette and soft, organic lines, Chrys not only ensures superior comfort but also promotes an atmosphere of serenity. Prioritizing safety and security, Chrys features a tamper-resistant design and additional weighting to deter misuse.

Chrys lounge, part of the Chrys family, was also named in symbolism of a chrysalis, was designed by Mehmet Bereket. Prioritizing safety and security, Chrys features a tamper-resistant design and additional weighting to deter misuse. Details like the undulating pattern on the arms offer a soothing and distracting texture for patients that set the lounge apart in healthcare and behavioral health environments. 

The Stray Caregiver Support Station offers flexibility and efficiency in delivering daily care. Designed by Juhee Park to give caregivers easy access to all the resources they may need, this support station enables caregivers to focus on building stronger relationships with their patients. Whether it's facilitating conversations, exploring new treatments, or discovering new ways to provide comfort, the Stray Caregiver Support Station is an essential support station for caregivers. 

Our new product introductions at HCD Conference & Expo represent Carolina’s commitment to designing and developing innovative solutions for behavioral health and caregiver support. We are honored to have our products recognized by the judges for the Nightingale Awards.
- Stan Gray, VP, Healthcare + Hospitality

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About Carolina

For over 75 years, Carolina has designed and manufactured quality furniture for customers around the globe. Founded in 1947, Carolina has constantly evolved their products and expanded their knowledge to meet the needs of tomorrow’s challenges, as well as today’s. Carolina is based in High Point, NC and was acquired by OFS Brands in 2007. Due to the unique connection to OFS, Carolina can also draw from their full offering of products designed for administrative working spaces.

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