Place of peace
Lasata patient recliner positively supports the critical relationship between patient and caregivers, helping them navigate the best possible path toward wellness and a better life. Lasata’s mission is to surround patients with a sense of calm and a place of peace while supporting caregivers during the delivery of care.
Humanizing the healthcare experience
Opportunities for conversation, exploration, and discovery lead caregivers and patients toward better outcomes.

Meet the designer

Michael Shields

Studio 3

Led by the belief that form truly does follow function, industrial designer Michael Shields of Studio3 has been designing furniture for over 30 years. His focus is on designing for disassembly, seeking out environmentally responsible materials, and ensuring comfort for the user. After working closely with other prominent furniture brands, Michael launched an independent design studio in North Carolina, where he has been providing clients with innovative products since 2001. His work has earned him over twenty patents and six Best of NeoCon awards.
Lasata wins
Lasata's award-winning design
Lasata patient recliner has been consistently recognized by industry thought leaders for it's forward-thinking design. A panel of judges at the Healthcare Design Conference + Expo in 2018 awarded Lasata with the Silver Nightingale Award for the patient seating category. In 2019, Interior Design Magazine named Lasata winner of the HiP Award for Health & Wellness furniture at NeoCon. The furniture solutions within these categories were awarded based on the products contribution to the healing environment, functionality, quality, durability, aesthetics, style, pricing, and innovation.

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Lasata by Carolina: A place of peace

It’s about creating spaces that positively support the relationships between patients and caregivers, helping them navigate the best possible path towards wellness and a better life. Well-designed patient spaces are empathetic and humanize the healthcare experience.

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Lasata has grown into a family of patient recliners, each member designed to meet the ever-changing needs of healing spaces.

Lasata patient recliner

Lasata patient recliner was designed to fit in a variety of spaces, while providing support to both patients and caregivers throughout the healing journey. Marrying comfort and ergonomics with aesthetic and vision, Lasata is both an intuitive and forward-thinking healthcare solution.
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Lasata ortho recliner

Lasata ortho recliner was designed intentionally with orthopedic services in mind. Offering a higher seat suspension to be compatible with most patient lift equipment found in orthopedic spaces, Lasata ortho works to support both patients and caregivers.
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Lasata bariatric recliner

With safety at the forefront of our design considerations, Lasata bariatric recliner features a seat and back with greater width, as well as added strength to the stationary arms.
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